IFI7144 – Second task

Our NIE2012 second task is actually something that I should have done anyway to get a better oveview of my schedule this semester. My study plan is composed with the same courses given in the IFIMM ASIO calender. Other than that I have football trainings and games and band rehearsals and of course I also have to go to work every business day.

With trainings and games I have only two options – miss or attend. A Facebook event is created for league games where we get an overview about who is coming without the need to contact everyone personally. Band rehersal times are decided by finding time slots that are suitable for all the members by using Doodle .

School is obviously a priority for me and the so called “fun” comes third after work. I put work second but actually it could also be marked as first because it dosn’t really interfere with styding so luckily I don’t thave to choose between the two of them and therefor they are equally important to me. Since going to school  takes only four full days a month and I can also do the individual work at work I didn’t feel the need to make a detailed plan about my regular week. Also I like some freedom and I enjoy rutine only to a certain point.

The tough part is deciding whether or not I should simultaneously go to a vocational school as well this year. It would rob a big chunk of my time and I’m not sure that I have enough of it anyways.  So I’m still thinking about it cause the application deadline is about a week from now.

Also I may sometimes act against my word because while school is a priority I may not feel the same way about some weblectures that occur at the same time as my football trainings. To defend myself I must point out that I feel this way about lectures that go through subjects that I can read about myself and are not that difficult or which are recorded and viewable later.

Another thing people sometimes fail to think about is that they have friends and maybe also that someone who needs special attention. So while thinking through my tasks I also try to leave some room here and there to socialize with the people I care about the most.


5 thoughts on “IFI7144 – Second task

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